Reed Tech is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive product set to help guide winning patent strategies for the IP-driven corporations and law firms we serve. The powerful new Reed Tech IP Portfolio, which now includes LexisNexis® TotalPatent®, LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ and LexisNexis® IP DataDirect intelligence and research tools, can be previewed at our recently revitalized website—

Reed Tech is a LexisNexis company. The newly updated Reed Tech logo is an emblem of how LexisNexis and Reed Tech together can help power organizations to do more.

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A quick video overview of what Patent Advisor can do to help your IP driven company.

Finally a data driven, systematic approach to prosecution expense budgeting, IP portfolio management, evaluating external IP counsel and patent prosecution.
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Online Search Access
Provides instant access to comprehensive and dynamically updated performance data for nearly every U.S. patent examiner and art unit.

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Dynamic Reports
Enter a patent application identifier or examiner name and instantly obtain a PDF report revealing what is statistically “normal” for the examiner and the art unit assigned to the selected application.

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Report Generation Portal
Law firms and corporations have the ability to set up and manage a portal for reports where they can have teams share the data, apply a matter number to the file and repeatedly pull up the file (within a six month period) by any approved user of the system.

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Reed Tech is pleased to announce Patent Advisor has been selected as a SIIA CODIE finalist in two categories.   The two categories are:
-Best Legal Information Solution
-Best Content Analytics Solution